To the Point: Meet Running Point Client Nancy Starke, Video Producer/Realtor

June 3, 2022

Meet Running Point client Nancy Starke, a video producer and Realtor from Zionsville, Indiana.

So how does someone in an Indianapolis suburb become a Running Point client? Nancy was living in Manhattan Beach at the time we first met, about 10 years ago, having been referred to me by a family law attorney. She was going through a divorce at the time. Like many spouses in that situation, she wasn’t entirely clear about her financial situation, which made the divorce all the more stressful for her.

We met over coffee, and I reassured her that everything would work out fine. I was sensitive to her situation—there’s a grieving process that goes along with divorce in addition to all the financial matters to sort out. We helped with her financial planning, asset management, and taxes. But it was also clear that she needed a sturdy shoulder to lean on, and we were happy to provide that as well.

“He just has a way of making you feel comfortable and supported,” Nancy very generously recalls in this testimonial video. “I think that’s pretty special in this world. His business is the relationships he has with his clients.”

So true. It’s a matter of pride here at Running Point. We’re very clear that our clients represent much, much more than portfolios, tax returns, and estates. We deeply value our relationships and friendships with our clients, and that in turn deepens our fiduciary commitment to them.

Nancy’s story also underscores an important Running Point service. Many spouses going through a divorce overlook the importance of engaging a financial advisor at that stressful time. I’ve helped a number of clients like Nancy navigate those confusing waters. And Liz deSousa here in our office has a specialty in that arena. She’s a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), and frequently works with women experiencing life transitions such as divorce or the death of a spouse.

As Nancy says, it’s critical at that time, or anytime, “to have somebody that you trust guide you with what you have, but also where you can go.”

Jim Schlager, CFP