To the Point: Meet Running Point Client Michael Mothner, CEO, Wpromote

July 29, 2021

“I actually refer to (Running Point) externally as ‘This is my family office.’” —Michael Mothner

I first met Manhattan Beach native Michael Mothner at a time when Michael was in the process of both growing a business—the digital marketing agency Wpromote—and starting a family. In this video interview, Michael recounts how the instant trust and connection he felt with Running Point made him feel comfortable and at ease as we began the process of planning his family’s financial future.

Later, Michael recounts how the Running Point team, “made up of experts in these different areas,” functions almost literally as “my family office.”

This is exactly how we at Running Point strive to make clients feel. We serve multiple families, but we want each to regard the team as their personal family office. That kind of connection between our team and your family will always be a core value here at Running Point.

Jim Schlager, CFP
Managing General Partner

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