Our Services

Office Services

We offer a collaborative team approach toward managing the full range of our clients' financial well-being.

Investment &
Asset Management

Our expert portfolio management is tailored to suit the particular investment goals of each client.

Our investment process focuses on asset allocation, maximizing after-tax returns, and the risk return characteristics of investments rather than traditional asset class labels. The approach assesses and diversifies the portfolio at the level of liquidity, risk, and return streams, rather than at the level of specific asset class labels such as stocks, bonds, or real estate.

Financial Planning

The Running Point team works closely with each client as we aim to develop a comprehensive plan for a lifetime of prosperity and security.

For Individuals & Families

We seek to create financial strategies that suit each individual’s (or family’s), goals, lifestyle, and changing circumstances.

Our customized financial plans help clients explore their options, discover possibilities, and make informed choices toward reaching their financial goals.

For Businesses

We integrate your business plan with your family's personal financial plan to help you achieve your strategic goals and objectives and increase your likelihood of success.

The decisions you make in your business affect your family and vice versa. Our customized plans seamlessly integrate the two and provide you a clear road map to success.

For Estates

We work with you to create a dynamic estate plan that ensures that you confidently know that your family is taken care of.

No estate plan is one-size-fits-all, nor can you simply set it and forget it. We take families through the estate planning process only when we clearly understand their personal and business plans. When personal or business circumstances change, we revise your estate plans accordingly. We believe this kind of dynamic estate planning is key toward ensuring that your family’s goals and dreams are carried out based on your wishes.

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Business Management

Successful business management requires a team of professionals with expertise in multiple financial disciplines working collaboratively.

Running Point’s business management professionals work together to meet the financial needs of our business and family clients, starting with the solid financial reporting necessary for tax planning and key financial decisions. Nothing takes the place of clean, accurate financial reporting. Outsourcing your accounting to Running Point allows us to integrate tax planning and preparation with careful financial record keeping. This can save you time and money, and allows us to serve as a sounding board for business and/or family wealth decisions. We also extend our accounting services to growing businesses that are not current Running Point clients, but are seeking to outsource their needs.

Business Management Services
  • Monthly household profit and loss statements including financial balance sheet
  • Tax preparation including state and local tax filings
  • Tax consulting
  • Banking, including reconciliation of accounts, credit facilities, deposits, and bill paying
  • Analysis of business and personal cash flow
  • Financial planning including cash management, budgeting, financial modeling
  • Risk management including insurance management and implementation
  • Preparing and monitoring capital commitments, distributions
  • Reconciliation of activity of household entities
  • Facilitation of asset purchase, financing of tangible assets
  • Payroll coordination
  • Philanthropic consulting, management, and implementation
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth management
Accounting Services
  • Tax preparation/compliance for corporations and partnerships
  • State and local tax filings
  • Monthly profit and loss and balance sheet management and preparation
  • Tax and financial consulting
  • Year-end tax planning and financial integration
  • Pro forma financials and projections
  • Cash flow and working capital management
  • Financial modeling, budgets, forecasts, and projections
  • Accounting policies and procedures

Tax Preparation
& Consulting

Proactive, holistic tax planning may lead to better long-range outcomes for you and your family.

Tax planning in a vacuum is never a good idea. Thoughtful tax planning requires a thorough understanding of your family's personal, business, and estate plans. We seamlessly integrate this information into your tax plans through smart team collaboration. Your Running Point Capital advisory team, including our tax specialist and business management specialists, work together to help you meet your goals.

Tax Services
  • Individual tax preparation and filing
  • Year-end tax planning
  • Tax planning for stock options and concentrated positions
  • Corporate, LLC, LLP tax preparation, and filing
  • Estate and gift tax preparation and filing
  • State and local tax preparation and filing
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Insurance Services

We incorporate intelligent insurance planning into our business, personal, and estate planning process.

As independent licensed insurance professionals, we provide progressive insurance solutions to help you meet the needs of your family, your business, or your estate. From life and disability insurance to long-term care, the RPC planning process aligns your insurance requirements with your planning goals.

Trusts &Estates

Experience makes all the difference in trust administration, which must facilitate input from multiple overseers for the well-being of beneficiaries.

Trust administration usually requires a trustee, estate attorney and CPA to oversee the administration of a trust on behalf of trust beneficiaries. Many trustees lack the experience, time, or interest to drive this process. At Running Point, our CPA specialist works with the trustee and the trustee advisor to help trustees fulfill their fiduciary obligations to trust beneficiaries.

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Virtual Office

We offer the full services of our team through our virtual office capabilities.

When circumstances preclude an in-person meeting, our team utilizes secure technology to be available for you to review documents and accounts. For example, we can arrange video conferencing for any meeting, from initial consultation to ongoing strategic planning sessions. With our virtual office, you get the same caring stewardship and multidisciplinary range of expertise that we offer in person.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your financial needs and concerns.