Play Louder: PPLI is probably much better than infinite banking, if you can afford it

November 29, 2022

Private placement life insurance (PPLI) is a step above

Running Point and its chief investment officer, Michael Ashley Schulman, CFA, were quoted by Play Louder, in an article — by Amaka Chukwuma, “The Online Buzz About Infinite Banking Doesn’t Mean it’s For Everyone – Here’s What You Should Know” — regarding using life insurance to build generational wealth.

The advantages of PPLI

Private placement life insurance (PPLI) is a strong option for generational and multigenerational wealth building. It retains the tax benefits of an insurance wrapper, allows for loans, is professionally managed, and has the opportunity for a significantly wide array of investment choices — including diversification into private credit, hedge funds, real estate, private equity, and other esoteric strategies.

Quoted article excerpt is below:

Michael Ashley Schulman, founding partner, and chief investment officer at Running Point Capital Advisors, admits that infinite banking has yet to become mainstream because of some shortcomings and complexities that individuals would face trying to do infinite banking on their own. He points out that, unlike many financial products or services that are easy to understand, set up, and run (like a 401K) or that can be managed by a financial fiduciary…, setting up, optimizing, and maintaining infinite banking requires solid financial self-discipline. Schulman also says that one is limited by the investment choices and fees provided by the whole life insurance policy. Therefore, one’s investment might not have the opportunity to grow as well as it would in a less fee-intensive account.

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