Investor’s Business Daily: Add to your IRA—Me and a Fast Car

January 9, 2023

The ultimate savings machine

Running Point and its chief investment officer, Michael Ashley Schulman, CFA, were quoted by Investor’s Business Daily in an article — by Paul Katzeff, Cut Back Booze, Add $70,000 To Your IRA Over 10 Years — regarding New Year’s resolutions and saving for retirement.

Reduce expenses, spend better, boost savings — even with a fast car!

In general, for safe drivers, right sizing your automobile insurance deductible as well as all your other insurance needs — including private placement life insurance (PPLI) where appropriate — can be effective for increased monthly savings.

Proper financial planning probably means that you already save appropriately, so your new found gains can can be applied directly to a favorite charity, investments, travel, or entertainment. Review expenses, create efficiencies, cut subscriptions, simplify routine, reduce complications, conserve, and have fun!

Quoted article excerpts are below:

Sporty Wheels

Sure, you love your car. So did a client of Michael Ashley Schulman, chief investment officer of Running Point Capital. The southern California woman is a health care professional in her early forties. She recently sold her “gently used” 2020 Porsche GTS convertible at a profit. Her new wheels are a roomier BMW M4 convertible. “She will save nearly $170 a year in California DMV registration fees and approximately $200 a month on insurance coverage,” Schulman said. “The BMW is less expensive. And she raised her deductible. First-year net savings should be around $2,570. Win, win, win!”

New retirement savings: $2,570 annual contribution grows into $38,536 in 10 years.

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